Check Fraud

Don’t Get Scammed

It is imperative that you are always vigilant with your personal and financial information. Please be aware that there are always criminals trying to get information that they can use to steal your identity or commit fraud to steal money from you or your financial institution.

One of the tactics that have become popular recently has been fake check scams. Someone sends you a check and ask you to deposit it, sometimes through the mobile deposit, and then you can keep some of the money while giving them access to the remainder.

Please be very careful. Most times, the checks they are asking you to deposit into your account are fake.

Usually, the person or business committing the fraud will have a fake story that encourages you to accept and deposit a check. For example, they claim you have won a prize, eligible for a free gift or join a new business opportunity but you have to provide your account information to claim it. Or, they may want to pay you more than the amount of an item you are selling online and then ask you to send that amount back to them.

We encourage you to never accept and deposit a check when being asked to give some of the money back to the person who wrote you the check. These instances could be tied to fake check scams.

Never give any of your account information, including account numbers, card numbers, PIN numbers or mobile login credentials, to anyone.

Always be diligent in monitoring your accounts. Be sure that you never accept a check from a person or business you don’t know.

If you ever suspect that someone is trying to scam you out of money, please contact SCU immediately. We are always willing to help you protect your money in every way we can.

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