Savings Detector

Don’t let savings fly under the radar.

Ask us about our Savings Detector today!

Ever wonder how much money you could save by switching to Scott Credit Union?

As not-for-profit cooperatives, credit unions are structured to bring as much value to members as possible. Here at Scott Credit Union, we charge less for loans, pay more on savings, and keep our fees as low as possible.

Savings-DetectorWith our Savings Detector tool, our financial representatives can tell you how much money you could save by moving your loan or credit card to Scott Credit Union. Since the program began in 2016, Savings Detector has uncovered savings of over $731,000 for members when they switch to Scott Credit Union!

And, if the tool says that you already have a better deal somewhere else, we’ll let you know so you can keep what you have. Scott Credit Union has our members’ best interest in mind.

Stop by any Scott Credit Union location and ask how Savings Detector can help you save money!

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