Protect Personal Information

Protect Your Personal Information, Even When Using Phones or Other Devices

Protecting your personal financial information is extremely important. Remember to always be diligent with your information and to never share your information with anyone.

As technology continues to advance, with more sophisticated phones, tablets, and other devices, the ways in which we need to protect our personal financial information has expanded immensely.

As you use more technology for everyday tasks, including your banking, it is vital that you also are careful to protect your information. You should never share any of your personal financial information, such as account numbers, debit or credit card numbers, or Social Security number, with anyone.

Protect your information online, via email, and even on social media sites. If someone reaches out to you on social media, be wary of the request. Do not share any personal financial information with them. Do not offer to deposit checks, to perform transactions, or to send them money electronically unless it is a transaction that you have initiated. It’s also a good practice to do business online or on your mobile device with reputable companies.

REMEMBER: SCU will never request personal and/or private information by email.  Do not open any emails and or attachments that you did not request.  Do not provide private and/or personal information by email as this can be a way for criminals to get your information.

Technology continues to become a bigger part of everyday life. It makes things simpler for us in many ways. But, it also comes with risks like identity theft and fraud. Always be on guard when it comes to your personal financial information.

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