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9 Steps to Buying your First Car

Congrats—you’re ready to purchase your first real car! The process can be daunting, but Scott Credit Union will walk you through it. Follow our guidelines for a stress-free ride.

Tips on Buying a Used Car

All You Need to Know About Buying a Used Car

Buying a previously owned vehicle can be a great way to save big on one of your most valuable possessions. If you’re shopping for an amazing deal on wheels, you want to be one of those buyers who walks home thrilled with their new car. Follow these nine steps when buying a used car.

Don’t wait. Buy a car now and avoid Illinois’ upcoming trade-in tax.

When you upgrade to a new vehicle, timing is everything. Year-end sales are a great time to buy, as dealers are eager to meet their end-of-the-year sales quotas and make room for newer models. But this year, there’s an extra reason to make your purchase before December ends. Starting January 1, 2020, a new Illinois…

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