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9 Steps to Buying your First Car

Congrats—you’re ready to purchase your first real car! The process can be daunting, but Scott Credit Union will walk you through it. Follow our guidelines for a stress-free ride.

Car Dealer Offering Zero Percent Financing

Should I Take the Zero-Percent Financing Offered by an Auto Dealer?

Q: I’m in the market for a new set of wheels, and I’ve seen some dealers advertising zero-percent financing. Should I take this offer? A: An auto loan without any interest sounds like a dream; however, there are many considerations before deciding to take out a zero-percent financing loan. Let’s take a closer look at…

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New Cars vs. Used Cars

Q: I need a new set of wheels and I’m wondering if it’s better to spring for a new vehicle or to go the cheaper route and buy a used vehicle. What do I need to know about each kind of purchase?