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The Family Security Plan® Provides Coverage When You Need It Most

Ruth and Ted had been married over 50 years; they had two children and five grandchildren.  They enjoyed spending their golden years with their family and with each other.  They took pride in their garden and they shared a mutual love for travel.

One day Ted couldn’t find his car keys.  Very quickly not being able to find his keys turned into forgetting where the car was parked entirely.  Within the course of a few months Ted couldn’t remember his grandchildren, then his children, then Ruth.  Ted was diagnosed with rapidly progressive dementia.  Instead of symptoms slowly getting worse over a number of years, rapidly progressive dementia happens relatively fast.

Ruth had to make a decision quick, does she care for Ted on her own, in their home or does she send Ted to a long-term care facility?  The decision wasn’t an easy one.  Ruth knew the medical professionals at the long term care facility would be able to give Ted the care he needed.

A little over a year later Ted lost his battle with dementia.  Ted’s family was able to give him a funeral without worrying about the expenses.  Ruth was able to keep the home that they shared together for over 50 years and Ted even left a legacy to his children and grandchildren.

All of this was possible because years ago Ted purchased a Whole Life Insurance Policy through The Family Security Plan®.  A Whole Life Insurance Policy provides permanent protection that never expires.  The best part about a Whole Life Insurance policy is that it provides you with “living benefits” that can be used if the unexpected were to occur.  Should you need cash for any purpose, you may borrow against the cash value in your policy.

The Family Security Plan®’s benefits are affordable and getting covered is quick and easy.  A personal planner from The Family Security Plan® will help you design a plan to fit your unique needs.  Determining your financial security needs are the first steps toward personal and family financial security.

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