Credit Disability Insurance

Credit Disability Insurance, GAP Coverage, Major Mechanical Protection

To help protect your family from unexpected financial tragedy, Scott Credit Union offers optional credit life and credit disability insurance on any credit union loan. Enjoy extra piece of mind, all at affordable group rates.

GAP Coverage

You love your new car, but a danger to your financial well-being is lurking in that new car smell and quiet purr of the engine. Within the first few years of ownership, a new vehicle will typically depreciate faster than the loan balance. In the event a new car is stolen or declared a total loss in an accident, a significant gap can exist between the insurance payout and the balance of the vehicle loan.

To protect our members from this unexpected and substantial out-of pocket expense, Scott Credit Union now offers GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) Coverage to our members.

GAP Coverage can save you thousands of dollars by paying the difference between your automobile’s depreciated value and the amount of your outstanding loan balance.

Major Mechanical Protection (MMP)

There are various levels of coverage with MMP to allow you to customize a plan to match your driving habits and needs, and rates are typically less in cost than equivalent warranties and service contracts available from other companies.  Repair work is not required to be done at any specific location.  MMP also offers additional benefits such as towing/roadside service, rental car coverage, tire service and trip interruption service.  These benefits can vary by state.

Contact us to learn more about our coverage options.

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