We recently sent you our new Scott Credit Union VISA debit card with a new expiration date and CVV codeYour card number remained the same. The new card includes an embedded chip that provides better security when used at chip-enabled readers.

If you have not already done so, please activate your new SCU VISA debit card right away. 

Your old debit card will stop working on Sunday, October 29.

The activation information will be on a sticker on your new card. Please destroy the old card after you activate your new card.

Please also note:

  • If you did not receive your new card, please contact us immediately. This is extremely important in assuring that you have a card that works on and after October 29.
  • If you have automatic debits (i.e. subscriptions, internet service charges, health club charges) on your existing debit card account, you will need to contact the merchants and provide your new expiration date to re-establish these automatic payments.
  • With your new Scott Credit Union debit card, you will still be able to access your account information through SCU Online Banking.
Below are some frequently asked questions about the upcoming changes to our debit cards:

Q. When will the conversion occur?

A. The conversion will occur early morning on Wednesday, 9/6/17. The existing debit cards will stop working shortly after conversion. Members will need to activate their new card and begin using it on 9/6/17. There will be no time that transactions won’t be completed.

Q. Will all SCU Debit cards be included in the 9/6 conversion date?

A. All SCU debit cards issued prior to 8/7 will be part of the mass reissue that will be converted on 9/6/17. Any card issued on 8/7 or after will have an expiration date of 11/30/2017 and will be issued an EMV chip card 45 days prior to the 11/30 expiration. These cardholders should receive their card in early November. Their mag card will continue to work until it expires on 11/30/2017.

Q. Why are we replacing members’ cards?

A. Because we are offering the EMV chip technology that will offer added fraud protection for you. We are also moving to a new card processing vendor.

Q. Will I get a new card number?

A. No. Card numbers will remain the same.

Q. Will I get a new PIN number for my new card?

A. No. PIN numbers will stay the same and mailers will not be sent, with the exception of those cardholders who do not currently have a PIN #.

Q. Will my new debit card have the same expiration date?

A. No. All cards will have new expiration dates. You will need to notify merchants with the new expiration date for any automatic payments that are paid with your card.

Q. Will the CVV code on the card change along with the expiration date?

A. Yes. Both the CVV/CVV2 code and the expiration date will change on their new card.

Q. Can I activate my new card before September 6?

A. No. You will not be able to activate your new card until early in the morning on September 6. If you call prior to 9/6, you will hear the message stating “I’m sorry, the account number you gave me does not match our records.”

Q. How do I activate my new card starting on September 6?

A. Simply call the activation number on the sticker on the new card. The phone number is 1-800-543-5073.

Q. What should I do with my old debit card?

A. You should destroy the old card AFTER they activate and start using the new card.

Q. When will I receive my new card?

A. The new cards will be mailed on August 24.

Q. What if I will be out of town or want my card sent to an alternate address?

A. If you are going to be out of town or would like your card sent to an alternate mailing address, please contact our Member Service Center at 800-888-4728 or 618-345-1000.

Q. Will I be able to access my debit card account information online or on mobile banking after conversion?

A. Yes, you will access your transactions inside of SCU Online and SCU Mobile the same way you always have.

Q. What number should I call if I lose or have their card stolen?

A. The lost or stolen card number for our new debit cards is 800-543-5073.

Q. If I used my existing card to reserve a hotel room or rental car, what should I do when I go to pay after conversion.

A. You simply need to activate and present your new card to make your payment for the hotel room or rental car. When checking in for air travel booked with your current card you may not be able to use the self-check-in option.

Q. What is a “chip card”?

A. Chip cards are cards that are embedded with a microchip. The data on the chip is unique and continuously changes. This makes it more difficult for a fraudster to commit fraud by creating a counterfeit card or getting any of your personal information if there is a breach at a merchant. The information on the chip for each transaction is the only data transmitted to the merchants when you make a purchase. None of your card or personal information is shared with the merchant. Therefore, Chip cards add an additional layer of fraud protection to the credit card.

Q. What if the store doesn’t have a chip reader?

A. You would simply swipe your card at the terminal as you did with your prior card.

Q. Do I need to do anything different with my chip card when shopping online?

A. No, the process has not changed for purchases made online.

Q. If I am registered for Verified by Visa, will I need to re-register my new EMV card?

A. Yes, the registration does not carry over to the new card processor. You will need to re-register to participate in Verified by Visa after receiving your new EMV card.

Q. Will my new EMV card be a Chip and Signature card or Chip and PIN?

A. The EMV card issued to you will be a Chip and Signature card for card present transactions. There will be no change for online purchases. It has been reported by the card industry that the PIN typically only addresses fraud when the card is lost or stolen. In the US, fraud from lost or stolen cards is relatively small compared to counterfeit fraud. It is also believed that most credit card users do not use or even know their PIN, making a Chip and PIN card not as convenient to use.

Q. Will I need to reload my new card into Apple Pay?

A. Yes, you will need to delete your old card and reload your new card into Apple Pay. HSA cards are not tokenized and cannot be used with Apple Pay.

Q. Are the student debit custom designs still an option for teens?

A. Yes, the custom designs have not changed with the conversion; however, the current student debit cards were issued a regular debit card (the black background) during the mass reissue. If you would like a custom card, you will need to come in to receive a new instant issue card after conversion.