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Important message from the Department of the Army

Scott Credit Union was founded in May of 1943 by a group of visionaries from Scott Field who decided to create a local credit union where the average person could save and borrow money. To this day our ties to Scott Air Force Base and members of the military remains strong. We continue to operate as the only credit union on base and serving our members of the military is still a central focus.

News from The Banking Simplified Blog

Discounted Six Flags Tickets
Discounted Six Flags Tickets!

We are proud to announce Scott Credit Union members will once again be able to purchase Six Flags Tickets & Season Passes at a discount! Click here to learn more now.

SCU Classic Club Trip - Amish Country Tour
Upcoming Classic Club Trip: Amish Country Tour

Come with us on a visit to the village of Arthur, home of the largest and oldest Amish community in Illinois! Click here to learn more.

Summer Loan Spectacular
Hit the road in your new wheels with our Summer Auto Loan Spectacular!

Picture this: It’s summer vacation, and you’re on the road again. You’ve got the windows rolled down and a cool breeze blowing in. The highway stretches out in front of you, leading you to your summer fun destination.

Scott Credit Union can help get you there in your new car!

Savings Detector
Don’t let savings fly under the radar.

So far this year, Savings Detector has uncovered savings of over $249,000 for members when they switch to Scott Credit Union! Ever wondered how much money you could save by switching to Scott Credit Union? Learn more about our Savings Detector.

1APR = Annual Percentage Rate.
2APY = Annual Percentage Yield.