Community Involvement

Scott Credit Union has made giving back to its communities a major priority.

We contributed about $430,000 and our employees volunteered 2,100 hours to a variety of local civic efforts throughout the region through the end of 2016.

We have contributed approximately $2.1 million and our employees have volunteered more than 17,400 hours to a variety of local civic efforts and financial education throughout the region in the past eight years.

We have increased our community involvement in the past few years while also increasing efforts to educate consumers of the value of doing their financial business with a not-for-profit credit union.

Volunteer Incentive Program

Our employees really are VIP’s! Scott Credit Union’s Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) is a unique program that rewards staff members for their volunteer hours in the community. In 2016, Scott Credit Union employees volunteered 2,100 hours in the community through various community and philanthropic events.

If your group, organization or event could use volunteers, please contact the Scott Credit Union community relations team at 618-345-1000!

2016 VIP of the Year – Karen Nicholson
Karen Nicholson 2016 VIP of the Year
Karen Nicholson
2016 VIP of the Year

“I am proud to have been employed by Scott Credit Union for over 24 years and to have earned VIP of the Year for 2016. It has been an awesome, humbling and rewarding experience. SCU truly believes in giving back to the community, and as our VIP program continues to grow each year, I am honored to be part of that team. While volunteering for over 200 hours at 76 events, I had the opportunity give back to community while meeting fellow employees and their children. As a VIP Team Lead, I also got to encourage fellow employees to volunteer and reap the rewards of getting involved in the community. One of my favorite experiences as a VIP was having the opportunity to set an example for my granddaughter who was visiting on her spring break and volunteered with me at the YMCA’s Easter Egg Hunt. Although she was not excited about the cold, early morning, she truly enjoyed volunteering. Some of the events that were most rewarding to me were the O’Fallon Community Thanksgiving Dinner and the Illinois Center for Autism’s Dinner Auction. Through volunteering at events like these, I was able to help make a positive difference in our communities.”

2015 VIP of the Year – Janine Gurley

“Making our community a better place is clearly one of Scott Credit Union’s goals.  Volunteering at 77 events allows me to spend time with my family, while working with some incredibly wonderful colleagues and organizations.  With Relay4Life, being in parades and ringing the bell for The Salvation Army, my 255 hours of volunteer work has given me an opportunity to show how proud I am of SCU. This company has made my family and I better people within our community.  It has given us the opportunity to attend events, talk with others and create a community where everyone feels accepted and loved.  The VIP award is not just about winning; it is about becoming a better person and showing my family how being a part of something bigger and greater can positively impact so many lives.  I look forward to being part of the future successes of SCU.”

2014 VIP Of The Year – Lori Vandygriff

“When I began working at Scott Credit Union (SCU) in January of 2014, I knew SCU was a place like no other.  The Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) sparked a great interest in me during orientation.  Studies by UnitedHealth Group and Optum Institute show people who volunteer manage their stress better and feel a stronger connection to their communities.  I could not agree more.  Volunteering has given me a peaceful joy, the chance to learn about the SCU communities, and created opportunities to meet fellow SCU employees.  Not only are we as employees permitted great opportunities to give back, but we are allowed to bring guests on many occasions.  This has allowed me to share the joy of volunteering with others.  The younger members of my family have learned there is great accomplishment in giving.  I am grateful to SCU for giving my family, friends, and myself the opportunity to give back to the communities.”

2013 VIP Of The Year – Janine Gurley

“From the day I began working at Scott Credit Union, I knew I was in a special place – a place my family and I call home. I feel honored to work for a company that not only recognizes all of our hard work but also gives us the opportunity to improve the world in which we live. It has been my pleasure to volunteer for over 50 events in this past year. From big events with the St. Louis Rams and the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, to community involvement by building a deck on a home and throwing candy in a parade, volunteering with SCU has given me a sense of accomplishment, helped me build life-long relationships and made me a better person.  I look forward to another successful year with SCU.”

2012 VIP Of The Year – Vicki Trawick

“Being part of the VIP program has been extremely rewarding. It gave me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, participate in activities that I normally wouldn’t participate in and to actually meet new friends. Driving the Hummer in the parades was especially rewarding when you saw the looks on the kids’ faces and the grins on the parents when they recognized Scott Credit Union. Not only does the VIP program do a lot for the community but it does a lot for the volunteers. The way it makes us feel knowing that we are helping our community and how much fun it is to see some of the same faces at other events is more than worth the hard work we put into it. I am so thankful that Scott Credit Union let me be a part of this program. It has certainly enriched my life.”

2011 VIP Of The Year – Renee VanDyke

“Being part of Scott Credit Union has been a wonderful experience for me in many ways, but the most rewarding is the VIP program. I love volunteering and representing SCU in such a positive way. SCU senior management promotes and enables employees to volunteer and be involved in the communities we serve. It is truly inspiring to give back the communities. Being able to get to know employees from other branches is an added bonus. When you volunteer, you feel you have accomplished something positive, that you’ve helped someone with a need. SCU fosters a spirit of camaraderie and community spirit that you don’t always find in many companies.”

2010 VIP Of The Year – Renee VanDyke

“I am honored and grateful to be the 2010 VIP of the Year. This has been a very rewarding experience. Scott Credit Union does so much for the communities in which they have offices. They encourage and support their employees to be involved. Volunteering at the different events has enabled me to meet and get to know many of my fellow employees. At so many of the events the credit union sponsors, you definitely get back more than you give. You walk away with a feeling of satisfaction that you have done something worthwhile. I am proud to be an employee of Scott Credit Union and fortunate to work with so many wonderful people.”

Requesting Support from Scott Credit Union

Scott Credit Union is always looking for new ways to give back to the community. If your group, organization or event needs support, please contact the Scott Credit Union Community Relations team at 618-345-1000. Written requests can be sent by email to [email protected] or by mail to Scott Credit Union at 101 Credit Union Way, Edwardsville, Illinois 62025 – Attention: Community Relations.

Please note that community involvement requests should be sent four weeks prior to your event. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.


In 2016, Scott Credit Union contributed about $430,000 to support various community endeavors. In addition, Scott Credit Union hosted its Tenth Annual Golf Tournament which raised over $28,000 for the United Way of Greater St. Louis.

Other Community Partners include: