Switch Kit
Are you switching financial institutions? Our Switch Kit makes it easy to switch your accounts from your current bank or credit union to Scott Credit Union.
Switch Kit Instructions
Switching banks can seem overwhelming, but if you follow these few steps you can change banks successfully.

Step One:

Open your new account at Scott Credit Union by clicking here or stop by any one of our convenient locations.

Step Two:

Balance your account at your previous financial institution and make sure that all checks and payments have cleared.

Step Three:

Print out each of the forms below as applicable. Fill out the forms and mail them according to the directions below or bring them in to any of our convenient locations, and we will help you quickly and easily make the switch to Scott Credit Union.

This form letter helps you to close an account at another financial institution and have the funds sent to Scott Credit Union for deposit in your account. Remember to leave ample time for all checks to clear your old accounts before closing them. Sign the form and mail it to your previous financial institution. Don’t forget to put your name in as the “member name”. We recommend that you follow up with us in two weeks and make sure your money was received.

To set up direct deposit you will need our Routing #281077522 as will as your MICR account number. For your security we do not give out account information via fax, or email. If you need help locating this information please visit one of our branches, send us a secure message though SCU Online, or call our Member Contact Center at (618) 345-1000. Note that military and government employees need to use Form 1199A for Direct Deposit. Please check in with us after your next pay day to make sure that we have received your deposit.

This allows you to switch automatic payments so that they will debit your new Scott Credit Union account instead of your old account. Mail one to each company that you have automatic payment set up with that you would like to cancel.

This allows you to cancel any automatic payments that you do not wish to continue. Mail one to each company that you have automatic payment set up with. Note that you will need to have your new Scott Credit Union account set up before you can do this.

Call our Member Contact Center at (618) 345-1000 if you have any questions.